Breathe, Stretch & Relax

Would you like to feel fitter and younger?  Are you older and perhaps you used to enjoy going to keep fit, gym or other exercise classes but no longer feel quite as nimble or able to keep up with others?  This could be the class for you.

Breathe, Stretch & Relaxed is designed to encourage movement and stretch in order to increase awareness of the body and how it is functioning.  To increase a sense of ease and well-being through gentle exercises, often chair based, that will reconnect you to your body, breath and mind.

So often as we age we become fixed in the way we think and this can contribute to a stiffness in the body and a feeling that we can no longer do as much as we could before.  Habits may have shaped our bodies and perhaps have created restrictions in joint mobility that makes everyday actions seem harder.  Do you find yourself short of breath, lacking energy and drive?

Sometimes we seem to have a long list of jobs that we should be doing, and no time to relax, enjoy the garden or have a chat with friends and neighbours.  This may make us anxious and tense, leading to muscle ache and feeling strained.  Do you take time out to relax, move your body in the opposite way and bring back a feeling of balance?

This class is an opportunity to discover ways to move to bring relief and freedom to joints and muscles.  To review and learn tools to assist in breathing more effectively which can increase energy and improve a sense of well-being.  Gentle relaxation techniques are taught that can be used whenever the stresses and strains of life get on top of us, or daily to retain a sense of joy and ease in living.

The sessions endeavour to reconnect you to yourself.  To increase awareness of your core integrity – how you support your body, both sitting and standing.  To discover where you can breathe and stretch more freely; to use your body comfortably from now on.

Members of the class have all manner of issues, from replacement joints, arthritic bones to recovering from surgery and illness.  It is an opportunity to revitalise your life-force.  To change for the better and fitter.

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