Thoughts & Inspiration!

2020 is now the strangest year in my lifetime!  Here we are, most of us are stuck inside or at least only with the people in our homes, and unable to commune with our friends and family.

Due to the Coronovirus all classes have been suspended and I am moving to an online presence, with classes/sessions being recorded and hopefully some live as well.  Contact me if you would like to know where to find them.

In the meantime, seek your own practice and make time to keep breathing and moving with positive intentions.  Deep relaxation is also extremely good for the immune system.  You can find Yoga Nidra recordings at  Any number of yoga teachers are out there online, but be careful that the style suits you.  Restorative Yoga is also available on many sites.  Yoga International is another good quality site –

Find space for our own spirit to be at ease, to nurture and grow your own consciousness so that you can make your decisions from a place of truth.

Wishing you love and light, Penny.  Om Shanti.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts & Inspiration!

  1. Angela, as you will see from the page with venues etc, I am based in Oxted area, so perhaps a little far for you. Regards, Penny.

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