Thoughts & Inspiration!

2020 has begun with all manner of natural disasters and forecasts.  How do we begin to find our way?  As always it begins with the Self.  Review your past experiences in light of your present life.  You may like to ask yourself these questions:

How am I?  What do I have too little of, which makes me lacking in certain qualities, thoughts, habits, deeds?  What do I have too much of, what might I reduce, take away from my life to give me a feeling of more space, light and energy?  Choose your priority to work with immediately, something small and doable.  Then you will make the changes and you can move on to more complicated issues as the simple impulses of thought, word and habit become less present in your life.

As we continue moving forward in difficult social change and challenging political turmoil, it is important to find space for our own spirit to be at ease, to nurture and grow our own consciousness so that we can make our decisions from a place of truth.

Join me in one of my weekly classes, or contact me for a 1-1 session to work on your own specific needs and goals.  I encourage you to seek and make the changes that will increase your health, balance, harmony and equilibrium.

Wishing you love and light, Penny.  Om Shanti.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts & Inspiration!

  1. Hi please can you tell me where you are situated, what days, time and cost and if I’d be able join your class 🙂 please. Many thanks in advance. I’m on 01737 201750

    Kindest regards


    1. Angela, as you will see from the page with venues etc, I am based in Oxted area, so perhaps a little far for you. Regards, Penny.

  2. Hi Can you please tell me where you are situated, what days, time and cost and if I’d be able join your class.

    Many thanks and regards

  3. Hi do you do private classes? Im a total beginner and would like to take yoga up as im
    Having back troubles and im in the building game so need to strengthen my core. Would love to join your classes but wouldnt mind a few one on ones first.
    Andy 07761361263

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