Yoga For Healthy Living – Aging Consciously

Yoga for Healthy Living is a class that is designed to allow us to embrace the aging process.  Yoga for Healthy Aging is a term that has become more widely used and suggests that we are able to maintain and improve our health and well-being through yogic practices as we age, unfortunately some do not wish to associate with the idea of ‘aging’ even though we begin to process the moment we are born, we are ALL aging, rather than aged, hence the name change to Yoga for Healthy Living.

Throughout our lives we have periods of activity and perhaps times when we cease to be so active.  Often we may go through times of trauma or have medical issues that come up.  Yoga is a system that allows for all those things and can support the Body, Mind and Breath to manage and maintain a more balanced way of being, giving us the opportunity for more vitality and enjoyment of our lives.

I have been a Yoga Therapist for 16 years and worked with many people, both one to one and in groups, and I have seen the benefits of a regular practice in many individual’s posture, attitude, habits and sense of self.  Yoga for Healthy Living is an opportunity to re-calibrate your life and take control through yogic tools and practices that can be used in everyday situations.

I encourage everyone to take that first step towards making the most of living – aging is a matter of course, HOW you age is up to you!